About Us

Company Profile

Allsop Mould is a Contract Injection Moulding Company based in a modern facility in Waterford in Ireland. Allsop mould a range of products for customers in the following industry sectors ;


Allsop have almost 40 years experience in the Injection Moulding business and continually update our processes and equipment to meet our Customers requirements.

Green Tech

Allsop Injection Moulding Green TechAt Allsop our goal is to develop world-class “green” products and manufacturing processes – including renewable energy and energy efficiency – to achieve that goal.  Our task is to build a sustainable manufacturing base with the smallest carbon footprint. To that end, we realise this involves a continuously evolving pattern of methods and materials. Our obligation to society is ensured by growing without damaging or depleting natural resources; by developing products from concept to completion; endorsing ISO 50001 and ISO 14001; changing our production methods to reduce fossil fuel consumption and strategically implementing our energy management system.


Allsop Mould has almost 40 years experience as a trusted partner to companies requiring contract injection moulded services both internationally and domestically. We have produced finished injection moulded products for a range of blue chip companies. Our ability to produce high quality precision molded parts at our Irish facility makes us a valued supply-chain partner for a range of organisations.

Team members

Our contract moulding team is vastly experienced both at management and operative level. We are a quality driven organisation and are in a position to offer a precision moulding service drawing upon our vast experience within this industry.

  • Our Vision is to make products that enhance the lives of our customers
  • Our Mission is to achieve our Vision by designing, developing and offering innovative quality products.
  • Our Values are simple, be true to our customers, be true to those with whom we do business and be true to ourselves.